A vacation FOMO after the whole year spent in a pandemic is evident and Foreshadowing it so-called for! Here comes the resort wear to cast off all the worries and monotony. A wardrobe fix is always refreshing, isn’t it? We bet 2022 will be all about jetting off to all the exotic locations you have been eying on the gram all this while. Know what’s in trend for cruising this year-round and collate the ABCs of your wardrobe for your luxury travel plans ahead.


A center-piece dress that is creditable of making a style statement every time is a mandate. The frolic fringes are the attention-grabbing accents that add a whimsy turn to our style. Go for the figure-enhancing style or settle for flares for optimum comfort. These carry-around pieces are seemly go-to picks for beach vacation clothes, cruise brunch scenes, pool-side parties, and night party hopping by the change of accessories to pair with.

berdie new.png   rosa dress.png


Airport looks are not to be missed. That’s the whole intent behind boarding the flights no? The laid -back co-ord to keep you sorted is the best bet here. Monotone sets are all in rage since the last season, we are happy to settle by it this year too. The coolest color on the wheel that is chill, chic, composed is the reorientation of powder blue coupled with pastel hues or bold black. The athleisure takes a decent curvy road to feminine territory here.

co ords.png   dress.png


Skirts are unexplainably valid buys for a vacation wardrobe. This leg-showing staple is cheerfully sexy and the most practical piece to put-together a look. This flouncy skirt shifts our mood from snooze to booze. A glass of wine on the go is the need of the hour, a satchel to stuff your stash and heels to add that extra inch to the look is all for a kill. Host an event, go to hi-teas, catch up for wine and dine or take a walk along the French streets, the BELLA skirt is a belle of the ball.



It’s time to take the WFH staples out in the open. We are used to these tailored fits and why not. The more power to show, the better. With bold shoulders, cropped torsos, and straight-fit pants, nothing can be more comfortable and influential. The Jacket sets, jack-resses (jacket dress) are all we are thinking about this season. This iteration from our fall collection is a transitional style that can be flaunted the whole year round and still not lose its game.


Hell yeah! We are now fashion-ready for 2022. Where to buy the resort wear? Shop at for designer dresses online into women’s western wear.