The Design Process of Our Festive 23-24 Collection

The Design Process of Our Festive 23-24 Collection

Designing a collection that seamlessly melds nature's aesthetics with the world of fashion is no small feat. Our latest offering, the Festive 23-24 Collection, achieves this delicate balance by drawing inspiration from gardens. With intricate hand embroidery, a subtle take on classic designs, and the debut of our hand embroidery skills, this collection is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and creativity. In this technical blog, we will delve into the design process, materials, and techniques used to bring the collection to life.

1. Inspiration from Nature: The Garden Connection

Our journey began with a deep exploration of gardens and their inherent beauty. From lush, vibrant florals to the intricate patterns of leaves and vines, we aimed to translate the essence of gardens into our garments. The colors, shapes, and motifs found in gardens served as the foundation for our design inspiration.

2. Material Selection

The choice of materials played a pivotal role in achieving the desired aesthetics. We opted for premium fabrics that offered a blend of comfort and elegance. Lightweight silk and soft, breathable cotton served as the canvas for our designs. Their natural drape and texture were ideal for our garden-inspired concept.

3. Hand Embroidery: A New Frontier

A significant technical innovation in the Festive 23-24 Collection was our venture into hand embroidery. This was a meticulous process that involved skilled artisans bringing our designs to life with needles and threads. Each piece's embroidery was done by hand, introducing a unique and bespoke aspect to the collection.


Design Rendering: The first step in the hand embroidery process involved rendering our garden-inspired designs onto the fabric. This was done with precision to ensure the motifs were placed accurately.


Thread Selection: Careful consideration went into selecting the thread colors. We chose an array of vibrant and subtle hues to create depth and contrast, mimicking the colors of blossoms and foliage in a garden.


Needlework: The embroidery process was a labor-intensive task that required immense skill and patience. Artisans worked meticulously to stitch each motif, creating three-dimensional textures and lifelike detailing.

4. A Subtle Take on Classic Designs

While we were inspired by the lush beauty of gardens, we wanted our designs to be versatile and seasonless. To achieve this, we opted for classic silhouettes and subtle embroidery accents.

 Silhouette Selection: We chose classic silhouettes that never go out of style. These included A-line dresses, tailored jackets, and straight-cut pants. The simplicity of these designs allows for timeless wear.

Embroidery Accents: Our embroidery accents were subtle, meant to enhance the garment's overall aesthetic without overpowering it. Delicate floral motifs were strategically placed, lending an air of elegance and charm.

5. Quality Assurance

Quality control was a critical part of our design process. Each garment underwent rigorous inspection to ensure precision in embroidery, impeccable stitching, and the overall integrity of the piece.

6. Versatility and Durability

'Outside of Eden' Collection is designed with longevity in mind. The combination of high-quality materials, meticulous hand embroidery, and classic silhouettes ensures that these garments are not only beautiful but also durable.

The Festive 23-24 Collection represents the successful fusion of nature and fashion, brought to life through meticulous hand embroidery, classic design principles, and premium materials. This technical journey highlights the artistry, precision, and innovation that went into creating a seasonless, timeless, and utterly elegant collection. Welcome to a world where fashion meets the delicate grace of gardens, and where the technical craftsmanship takes center stage.

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